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Liberals/Dems Never Cease To Amaze Me

So the one thing I don’t think Democrats and liberals have ever figured out is how primaries are supposed to work compared to general elections. Republicans figured this out long ago and aside from gerrymandering and illegal voter suppression is how they win so many elections. Namely:

1) Primaries are supposed to be contentious. Especially in Presidential election years. These are the years where the party determines the immediate future. I can’t stand Bernie, but it’s good the Dem Party is considering the policies (although there was a huge disservice when Warren wasn’t the face of it).


2) After the primaries you come together, no matter what. This is the big one. You know what makes a Bernie Bro? A person who says: “Well I need to be convinced to vote for Biden. He needs to convince me!” Bro, he’s not fucking Donald Trump. They. Are. Not. The. Same. RBG’s seat is most likely opening up in the next year or two. You want Trump filling that? You want Trump continuing to fill the judiciary? You want our standing in the international community to continue going to shit? We could list a million other reasons.

It ultimately comes down to white Bernie supporters are upset and they want everyone else to feel pain. Because if you are a Bernie supporter there just is no way you can think a Biden Presidency would be anywhere close to as bad as another Trump one.

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